5 Best YouTube Videos About Laura Lee Fake Crying

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Laura Lee crying
via Laura Lee / YouTube

This is old tea by now, but you all probably noticed when the entire beauty community was falling apart. Laura Lee got called out for her racist tweets and things only got worse from there.

The drama between Laura, Manny, Gabriel, Jeffree, etc has died down for sure. But what good came out of all this? The YouTube videos making fun of Laura Lee crying. I’m sorry if this makes me a bad person but the videos are pretty funny. I do hope everyone learns something and becomes better, but these videos are too good.

So here they are. The best youtube videos about Laura Lee fake crying and her terrible apology.

1. Chi With A C Recreates Laura Lee’s Video EXACTLY

2. YouTubers dancing to Laura Lee fake crying (made by beef)

3. Trisha Paytas eating while Laura Lee apologizes (made by beef)

4. Tom Harlock recreates Laura Lee’s apology but with better acting

5. Gabriel Zamora posing to Laura Lee crying (made by beef)

I can’t stop laughing. Laura, girl, you messed up. Comment your favorite video! And if you’ve been sleeping on the entire beauty/YouTube community, watch Laura Lee’s actual apology video.

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