QUIZ: Which Boy Likes You?

Have you been watching Nathan Triska, Chase Keith, Mark Thomas, or Carson Lueders videos non-stop? Take this quiz and find out which boy likes you!

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  • What is your favorite app?

    • YouNow
    • Instagram
  • How do your friends describe you?

    • Sassy and sweet
    • Sometimes shy, sometimes crazy
    • Outrageous and super lit
    • Cute and funny
  • What are you looking for in a boyfriend?

    • Someone I can Netflix and chill with
    • Someone who will be spontaneous with me
    • Someone who will write songs for me
    • Someone who will make me laugh
  • Pick a sport

    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • No thanks
    • Dancing
  • What do you comment on your friends’ Insta pics?

    • “punch me in the neck”
    • “Hey cutie ❤️”
    • “Looking good my friend”
    • “😝🚨”
  • Pick a color

    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Black


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