QUIZ: Which Dolan Twin Are You – Grayson or Ethan?

Which Dolan Twin are you – Grayson or Ethan? Take this Dolan Twins quiz to find out! If you’re a super fan, make sure you don’t pick answers based on your favorite. Forget your lane and choose based on what you feel.

  • What’s your favorite school subject?

    • Lunch
    • Science
  • Pick a color

    • Green
    • Red
  • Where would you rather get a tattoo?

    • Ankle
    • Lip
  • Nutella or peanut butter?

    • Nutella of course!
    • Peanut butter all the way
  • Pick a number

    • 47
    • 8
  • If you could pick a different name, which one would you pick?

    • Belle
    • Avery


comment rn
  1. I got Grayson believe me when I say this I’m not sad bc hey he’s hot but Ethan’s hotter and personally I think I’m more of a Ethan type girl. Ethan is and will always be the hotter twin. Fight me on this if you wanna idgaf🤷‍♀️

  2. Everyone’s getting Gray…. I’m the only Ethan girl… Wow…

    I mean he is the better twin.. He’s more hot… Ok i’ll stop PEACEEE

  3. I GOT GRAYSON!!! Well, not gonna lie, I probably would have had the same reaction either way… I WISH I WAS GRAYSON FOR REAL!!!!

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