QUIZ: Which Creative YouTube Costume Should You Be For Halloween?

Trying to figure out what to dress up as this spooky season? Boy do I have some Halloween costume ideas for YOU! These are YouTube Halloween costumes based on your answers to these five questions. If you want to think outside the box a little, these could be what you’re looking for. Take this spooky Halloween quiz and comment if you actually like the idea! GO!

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  • How lazy do you want to be this spooky season?

    • SO lazy
    • Lazy? Me? Yes.
    • The laziest
    • Really hecking lazy
  • Would you ever do a couple’s costume?

    • I would rather do anything else
    • Probably not
    • Maybe????
    • Yes DON’T @ ME
  • What is the SPOOKIEST?

    • Bad makeup
    • An apology video
    • A bad breakup
    • Conspiracies
  • What would really spook ya?

    • A ghost
    • A bald man
    • Someone fake crying
    • Someone real crying
  • Pick one of these things that you already have…

    • Black baseball cap
    • Bald cap
    • Orange nail polish
    • Makeup

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