QUIZ: Which Beauty Vlogger Are You Based On Your Makeup Preferences?

There are so many talented beauty YouTubers out there, but which beauty vlogger are YOU most like? Are you as talented and artistic as James Charles, or are you edgy and have a flair for the dramatics like Jeffree Star? Maybe you’re changing the game like Jackie Aina, or the queen of glam like Nikkie Tutorials? Find out by taking this quiz!

QUIZ: Which James Charles Makeup Look Are You?

We’ll tell you which beauty vlogger you are based on your makeup preferences. No matter if you get James Charles, Jeffree Star, Jackie Aina, or Nikkie Tutorials on this quiz, you’re a true beauty for sure. Comment which beauty guru you get!

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  • Let’s start with brushes. Thoughts?

    • Brushes? I only know beauty blenders.
    • Am I supposed to have more than one?
    • I have all the essentials!
    • You can never have enough brushes!
  • What’s your typical eye look?

    • Crazy, bold colors
    • Something natural
    • I like to experiment
    • Lashes are a must
  • How do you feel about glitter?

    • Not a fan
    • Depends on my mood
    • It really enhances a look
  • Do you opt for highlight?

    • OF COURSE I want to be BLINDING
    • Yes always
    • A subtle amount
    • Not really
  • Do you ever try a bold lip?

    • No I can’t pull it off
    • Only if it’s part of a look I’m doing
    • Yes of course
    • If I’m in the mood for it
  • Overall, how do you describe your makeup look?

    • Very natural
    • Glam
    • Over-the-top
    • Artistic


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