TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know Jordyn Jones?

How well do you know Jordyn Jones? Do this Jordyn Jones trivia and find out if you’re a true fan. Do you know how many tattoos Jordyn has? Do you know who she dated back in 2016? Some of these Jordyn Jones trivia questions will get so deep, you HAVE to be a super fan to know it. Do your best, comment your score, and challenge another Jordyn Jones fan to beat you!

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  • How old was Jordyn Jones when she started dancing?

    Jordyn Jones
    • 2
    • 5
    • 8
    • 12
  • Who was Jordyn dating in 2016?

    Jordyn Jones
    • Jordan Beau
    • Carson Lueders
    • Brandon Westenberg
    • Zach Clayton
  • When is Jordyn’s birthday?

    Jordyn Jones
    • May 14
    • March 13
    • March 16
    • May 7
  • How many tattoos does Jordyn have?

    Jordyn Jones
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4
    • 5
  • What is Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau’s couple name?

    Jordyn Jones
    • Jordin
    • Jordans
    • Jordyan
    • Jordayn
  • What dance competition show was Jordyn on in 2012?

    Jordyn Jones
    • So You Think You Can Dance
    • Dance Moms
    • Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition
    • Dancing with the Stars
  • Where was Jordyn born?

    Jordyn Jones
    • Mississippi
    • Minnesota
    • Michigan
    • Missouri
  • Where does Jordyn get her nails done?

    Jordyn Jones
    • Nailed It
    • House of Polish
    • Color Camp
    • Modern Pamper Salon

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