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TRIVIA: Can You Remember These Annie LeBlanc Lyrics?

Have you listened to Annie LeBlanc songs before? What about a few times? You’ll need to really remember them for this Annie LeBlanc trivia! Can you remember the lyrics to all of her best songs? Before you take this quiz, you better to listen to Ordinary Girl, Photograph, Stay, Little Things, and Picture This! You better brush up on those lyrics if you want to get 100% right! Once you get your answer, try another fun quiz about Annie!

Think you nailed this trivia? Let’s see how well you actually know Annie HERE!

  • Ordinary Girl – “__ sneakers, __ lip kit, __ bracelet”

    • Louis; Kylie; Cartier
    • Nike; Kendall; Tiffany
    • Sketchers; Miley; friendship
    • fancy; new; expensive
  • Photograph – “Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe __ __ __”

    • found my other half
    • we are a photograph
    • found that great laugh
    • you’re my other half
  • Stay – “__ in love and the others run away”

    • Lovers
    • People
    • Kids
    • We’re
  • Little Things – “__ with my girls, __ at the beach”

    • Chilling; sunning
    • Hanging; tanning
    • Living; running
    • Texting; laying
  • Picture This – “Drawing __ in the sand with your hands wrapped abound my __”

    • hearts; hips
    • us; waist
    • us; hands
    • hearts; waist


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