QUIZ: Tell Us Your Favorite Things About Nia Sioux And We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality

You’re going to love this Nia Sioux quiz! If you follow Nia, you know that she is one of the most gorgeous, confident, positive people on social media! She always uses her platform to be uplifting and to make others feel good. There are a million good things you could say about Nia Sioux!

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But instead of me rambling on about why I’m obsessed with Nia, you should take this Nia Sioux quiz! All you have to do is pick your favorite things about her, and we’ll tell you your best quality. Send this to a friend who could use a pick-me-up today! Who doesn’t love a good quiz?

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  • I really love Nia Sioux’s…

    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Style
    • Confidence
  • The best thing Nia posts on Instagram is her…

    • #RoleModelMonday posts
    • stunning looks
    • pics at cool events
    • photos with family and friends
  • My favorite thing to watch Nia Sioux on is…

    • Dance Moms
    • The Bold And The Beautiful
    • Her social media
    • YouTube
  • I love that Nia is always…

    • Building other people up
    • Doing her own thing
    • Standing up for what’s right
    • Encouraging people to be confident
  • I admire Nia for her…

    • Confidence
    • Humility
    • Kindness
    • Talent
  • One of the amazing things I’ve learned from Nia Sioux is to…

    • Embrace and love who you are
    • Point out the good things in other people
    • Always be positive
    • Dream big


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  1. I love Nia she’s so amazing,talented and funny.She always is doing her own thing and having confidence. I’m so glad that I could take this quiz.🤗💖💗💟💌

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