QUIZ: Pick A Loren Gray Outfit And We’ll Pick Your Halloween Costume

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to start thinking of what Halloween costume to wear. This can be tough because you want to find something that is fun while still looking super cute. Don’t worry, though! Take this Loren Gray Outfit quiz to find out what the perfect Halloween costume for you is! Since it’s inspired by Loren Gray, you know you’ll be looking fire wherever you go on Halloween. Pick your favorite Loren Gray outfit, and we will decide which Halloween costume would be best for you! Comment what you get down below in the comments section!


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  • Which Outfit Is Your Favorite?

    • Gray Sweater with Sweatpants
    • White Tank Top With Hair Buns
    • Furry Pink Coat
    • Color Block Sweater
    • Dress With Furry Sweater
  • Pick Another Outfit

    • Graphic T Dress
    • Beanie and Sweatshirt
    • Cherry Outfit
  • And Another One

    • Matching Set
    • No
    • Black Crop Top
  • Pick Another Outfit

    • Tube Top with Plaid Skirt
    • Pink on Pink
    • Tank Top With Messy Bun
  • Last One!!!

    • Tie Die Jacket
    • White Tube Top With Red Jacket
    • White Tube Top with Ripped Jeans

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