QUIZ: Pick A Winter Activity And We’ll Tell You Which Loren Gray Outfit To Wear

There is a Loren Gray outfit for every situation, so get ready to find out which one you should wear based on your favorite winter activities. Do you enjoy building gingerbread houses? What about ice skating? Do you love going holiday shopping? Is your favorite thing about the winter getting to curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate? Tell us how you really feel in this Loren Gray quiz!

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Pick your favorite things to do in winter, and we will tell you which Loren Gray outfit to wear. You’ll be doing all of your favorite things in the most fashionable outfits brought to you by Loren Gray.

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  • Do you like ice skating in the winter?

    • I love it!
    • No thanks
    • I can’t ice skate, but I still try!
  • Do you enjoy going holiday shopping?

    • Yes!!! Best part of the year!
    • Ew no I hate crowds
    • I’ll just online shop
  • How much do you love building gingerbread houses?

    • That’s boring
    • It’s okay
  • Do you like to snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate on a cold day?

    • Sometimes
    • Not really

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