TRIVIA: Name That Muser Based On Their Fear

You may know a lot of about different musers (TikTok stars), but do you know what they’re all afraid of? 👀 This trivia will test your knowledge to see how well you really know them! Read the fear and match the muser to it. Don’t forget to comment how many you get right!

Do more trivia rn!

  • Who is afraid of the dark?

    • Hailey Orona (aka Ona)
    • Loren Gray
  • Who is afraid of sharks?

    • Jacob Sartorius
    • Jayden Croes
  • Who is afraid of needles?

    • Malu Trevejo
    • Kristen Hancher
  • Who is afraid of earthquakes?

    • Bryce Xavier
    • Jordyn Jones
  • Who is afraid of lizards?

    • Baby Ariel
    • Nathan Triska

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