WOULD YOU RATHER: Jordyn Jones Edition

Get ready for this round of Would You Rather because it’s all about Jordyn Jones! These Jordyn Jones Would You Rather questions are going to be pretty tough to choose, so honestly good luck. When you finally decide how you want to answer, make sure you comment below and explain why you chose what you did!

TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know Jordyn?

What are you waiting for?! Go vote on these Jordyn Jones Would You Rather questions and find out if other fans are thinking the same things you are.

And after…let us guess if you’re a Jordyn or Ona fan 😉

  • Would you rather be Jordyn’s best friend but no one knows or be a fan that she posts about all the time?

    • Secret BFF
      via @jordynjones
    • Fan she posts about
      via @jordynjones
  • Would you rather be able to hear Jordyn’s thoughts for a year or live her life for a month?

    • Thoughts for a year
      via @jordynjones
    • Life for a month
      via @jordynjones
  • Would you rather have Jordyn’s clothes or her talent?

    • Her clothes
      via @jordynjones
    • Her talent
      via @jordynjones
  • Would you rather go on a double date with Jordyn and Jordan to a red carpet premiere or a beautiful island?

    • Red carpet
      via @jordynjones
    • Island
      via @jordynjones


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