POLL: Which Social Media Stars Do You Ship?

There are SO many social media couples that were dating, are dating, should be dating, and all that mess. This poll has a mix of couples that you might ship, whether they are actually together or not doesn’t matter. Go vote for which social media stars you ship! May the best couples win!

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  • Cayden or Cannie?

    • Connor + Jayden
    • Connor + Annie
  • Larvey or Boren?

    • Loren + HRVY
    • Loren + Brent
  • Jenzie or Tella?

    • Johnny + Kenzie
    • Tana + Bella
  • Jordin or Brandyn?

    • Jordyn + Jordan
    • Brandon + Jordyn
  • Emthan or Dariel?

    • Emma + Ethan
    • Daniel + Ariel

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