POLL: Vote For The Best YouTuber Halloween Costumes 2018

Even though Halloween 2018 hasn’t happened yet, YouTubers have been dressing up for all the pre-Halloween festivities! If you’ve been scrolling through your Insta feed, you’ve probably seen some pretty great costumes. From James Charles with his mermaid makeup to Annie LeBlanc as Holly Golightly, there have been some real showstoppers.

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Make sure you back up your favorites in this poll – whether it’s Loren Gray, Lea Elui, Daniella Perkins, or someone else! All of their Halloween costumes were amazing but you’ll have to stay loyal to your favorites. Vote now for the best YouTuber Halloween costumes 2018! Stay tuned for more in case even better costumes come our way tomorrow!

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  • Which muser queen has your vote?

    • Loren Gray – Mummy
      via @loren
    • Lea Elui – Werewolf
      via @leaelui
  • Which skull makeup do you prefer?

    • Andrea Russett – Classic Skull
      via @andrearussett
    • Jessie Paege – Rainbow Skull
      via @jessiepaege
  • Only one mermaid can win this!

    • James Charles – Mermaid Makeup
      via @jamescharles
    • Joey Graceffa – Full Mermaid Look
      via @joeygraceffa
  • Dressed in black but totally different costumes!

    • Annie LeBlanc – Holly Golightly
      via @brat
    • Danielle Cohn – Dark Angel
      via @daniellecohn
  • Both sexy, but in very different ways 😂

    • Tana Mongeau – Sexy Dobrik
      via @tanamongeau
    • Daniella Perkins – Clown
      via @daniellaperkins
  • Couples costume anyone?

    • Jenna Ortega & Asher Angel
      via @aae
    • Alex Lange & Bailee Madison
      via @alexlange

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QUIZ: Which Creative YouTube Costume Should You Be For Halloween?

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