POLL: Pick Your Favorite James Charles Makeup Looks

James Charles has way too many iconic looks. From his Halloween makeup to his simple looks, sis is always snapping. Look through these choices and vote for what you think the best James Charles makeup looks are! We’re pitting similar looks up against each other, so you have to decide which one is the standout winner.

QUIZ: Which James Charles Makeup Look Are You?

Did we miss any of his best looks in this poll? Comment your favorite James Charles makeup look of all time! And take another quiz while you’re at it!

  • Which Ariana Grande inspired look is better?

    • God is a woman
      via @jamescharles
    • no tears left to cry
      via @jamescharles
  • Pick a bold lip look!

    • Red lipstick
      via @jamescharles
    • Fall lipstick
      via @jamescharles
  • Which sky do you prefer?

    • Northern lights
      via @jamescharles
    • Sunset
      via @jamescharles
  • Which skull look is better?

    • Neon skull
      via @jamescharles
    • Rainbow skull
      via @jamescharles
  • Very important: Choose a Flashback Mary

    • Original Flashback Mary
      via @jamescharles
    • New Flashback Mary
      via @jamescharles


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