POLL: Pick Your Favorite Influencer Boy!

We all love and crush on influencer boys, so it’s hard to pick the best ones! Choose your favorite social media boy, and see what everyone else thinks. You may see some crazy answers!

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  • Carson Lueders Vs Johnny Orlando

    • carson lueders
      Carson Lueders
    • johnny orlando
      Johnny Orlando
  • Jacob Sartorius Vs Hayden Summerall

    • jacob sartorius poll
      Jacob Sartorius
    • hayden summerall
      Hayden Summerall
  • Bryce Xavier Vs Hunter Rowland

    • bryce xavier
      Bryce Xavier
    • hunter rowland
      Hunter Rowland
  • Jordan Beau vs BeyondBrandon

    • jordan beau
      Jordan Beau
    • brandon
  • Bryce Hall Vs BadZach

    • bryce hall
      Bryce Hall
    • badzach


comment rn
  1. They shouldn’t be together the first place cause Danielle Cohn is 15 Mikey tua is 17 they shouldn’t have been dating either she can go to jail and Mikey he could be in trouble too that’d all I have to say to say Danielle and Mikey
    If y’all guys need to break up

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