POLL: Pick Your Favorite Girls On Social Media!

There are so many awesome girls on social media! Are you one of Loren’s angels or are you a Malu stan? Vote on this poll for your favorite female influencers and see what everyone else thinks! The results may surprise you 👀

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  • Loren vs Malu

    • Loren Gray Fashion
      Loren Gray
    • Malu Trevejo YouTube Videos ranked
      Malu Trevejo
  • Kenzie vs Annie

    • Kenzie Ziegler quiz vs Annie Leblanc quiz
      Kenzie Ziegler
    • Annie Leblanc
      Annie LeBlanc
  • Nia vs Maddie

    • Nia Sioux Poll
      Nia Sioux
      via @niasioux / Instagram
    • Maddie Ziegler
      Maddie Ziegler
  • Ariel vs Holly

    • Baby Ariel
      Baby Ariel
      via @babyariel / Instagram
    • Holly H Poll
      Holly H
  • Ona vs Jordyn

    • Hailey Orona
      Hailey Orona
      via @real.ona / Instagram
    • Jordyn Jones Twitter Inspires Instagram Caption Ideas
      Jordyn Jones


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