POLL: Pick Your Favorite Annie LeBlanc Song

Annie LeBlanc has SO many songs that are certified bops. Annie is not only a talented actress, but she’s also an amazing singer. It all started with her “Little Do You Know” cover with Hayden Summerall. From there on, we were blessed with some Annie LeBlanc original music. It is going to be tough to choose your favorite Annie LeBlanc songs, but now is your time to choose. Go through these questions and pick which one is your favorite. You will be able to see how many people agree with you, and how many people like Annie’s other songs. Comment down below what your all time favorite Annie LeBlanc song is!

And go take an Annie LeBlanc quiz here!!!

  • Don’t Keep Me Guessing Vs. Picture This

    • Don’t Keep Me Guessing
    • Picture This
  • Ordinary Girl Vs. Little Do You Know

    • Ordinary Girl
    • Little Do You Know
  • Your Hands Vs. Stay

    • Your Hands
    • Stay
  • Little Things Vs. Birds Of A Feather

    • Little Things
    • Birds of a Feather

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