James Charles Nude Accidentally Posted to Snapchat: Sister Surprise!

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Sister James Charles
Sister Scandal

The James Charles nude you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! 😂James Charles posted his nude to Snapchat by accident, and it was definitely a Sister Surprise! So many fans may not have even noticed, but James tweeted about it immediately after he posted and deleted. I guess he knew the second someone got a screen shot it was game over.

I really respect the fact that instead of pretending nothing ever happened, James addressed it right away. Who’s ready for this James Charles nude? Do you think he was sending this to Grayson??

Honestly, he looks just as good when he’s singing


Here is the pic James put on his Snap story (click for more):

James Charles Nude
via James Charles / Snapchat

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Luckily he was covering himself enough, so it’s nothing too crazy. He doesn’t tend to hide much anyways (can someone say “James at Coachella”). I honestly can’t stop laughing. I love that James can joke around about it and not take it too seriously. The photo he posted could’ve been so much worse.

Here is what James tweeted right after posting and deleting:

Don’t worry James, Twitter’s got your back.

We love a Sister Scandal. How would you react if that happened to you? Do you think this was a big deal??

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