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Ona And Brandon Dating: Brona Is Finally Official

Submitted by Jake Horton

Ona and Brandon Dating
via @real.ona / Instagram

Ona and Brandon dating is FINALLY official! Brona is real! I’ve been following this story for a while and these two have been confusing af. First Brandon breaks up with Jordyn, then him and Ona get close, then I go confused about Ona and Blesiv.

This whole thing has been lowkey messy and really confusing, but we finally have answers. After posting cute pics together and commenting cute things on each other’s photos, Ona and Brandon are dating!

-“I’m tryna love you forever, will you be mine?” There’s the tea loves 😂

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Peep that caption. How cute is that. I figured it out not too long ago. I watched Beyond Brandon’s live where Brandon kissed Ona. The video made it so obvious that they were into each other already. But they insisted that they weren’t going to date (which was so annoying imo).

I got these screenshots from a few days ago when I definitely knew Ona and Brandon were dating.

Ona and Brandon dating
via @real.ona / Instagram
Ona and Brandon Flirt
via @real.ona / Instagram

Could it be more obvious than that?? I don’t think so. Hailey Orona definitely gets what she wants. She had her sights set on Brandon and she snatched him up. People were still speculating not that long ago that Brandon and Jordyn were talking again. Guess not.

I’m hoping Brandon and Ona last together. It seems like they’re super close friends, and it would suck if a break up ruined that for them.

So that’s that. Hailey Orona and Brandon Westenberg: Official Cute Couple. I like the sound of that! Are you on board with Brona? Comment your thoughts on all of this because it definitely was a mess between Jordyn, Brandon, Ona, and Blesiv all sort of being involved.

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  1. I definitely ship Ona and Blesiv but I mean if Ona and Brandon like each other good for them and im happy for Ona but I think that Alex would be a better fit in my opinion. I also think that they shouldn’t have kissed on live knowing that Alex liked her because that’s harsh. They could have sat down together had a calm conversation about it. #happyforOnatho

  2. Well I think that ona is pretty that’s why they are fighting for her ona u are my girl but also u have to make up your mind either blesiv or Brandon I mean they are both cute and I understand that it is hard for u but u have to choose one.

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