Jordyn Jones Posted The Boyfriend Tag With Jordan Jones

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Jordan Beau Girlfriend Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones just posted the Boyfriend Tag with her new boyfriend, Jordan Beau. Jordyn and Jordan have been teasing their relationship for a while, but finally made it official this week. This video was the first time Jordyn and Jordan were in a video on Jordyn Jones’s channel together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Jordan Beau has been on her channel before, but not while they have officially been boyfriend and girlfriend.

The boyfriend tag was adorable, and Jordan proved he is the best person to be Jordyn Jones boyfriend. Jordyn asked her boyfriend questions about her to see how well he knows her and how well he listens to her. Jordan Beau may not have known everything about her, but he did know some very important things.

Jordan Beau knew that the first time they kissed was on Bryce Hall’s birthday. He also knew and was able to name all of Jordyn’s closest friends, including the ones he hadn’t met yet. Jordan knew the names of everyone in Jordyn Jones’s family, and proved that he listens to her and cares about her.

One of my favorite parts of the video was when Jordyn Jones asked Jordan Beau what her birthday is. Jordan answered by saying March 13th. Then he added on the year, which is 2000. He mentioned that her age is always the same as whatever year they are in, which makes it easy to remember her age. Jordyn Jones boyfriend, Jordan, then said, “when we are 65 I will still know your age.” He proved he is in this relationship for the long term, and sees himself staying with her forever.

He obviously is not using Jordyn for the fame, and wants to be with her forever.

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