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Jordyn and Brandon Break Up – So Here Are 5 Fun Things About Being Single

Why is everyone breaking up right now?!


Jordyn and Brandon break up and suddenly we’re all shaking. First Liza and David and now this not even 24 hours later?! Jordyn Jones, 18-year-old singer and dancer, and Brandon Westenberg, 17-year-old star, had been dating for two years before they decided to call it off. Jordyn announced their split via social media yesterday:

Similar to the David and Liza break up that we all endured yesterday, the two seemed to end things on a positive note. They aren’t denying the possibility that they could end up together again, but they definitely need their space now. It’s cool to see these couples in the spotlight that have such optimistic break ups. No one is getting called out, no hate, just a simple message about what’s going on with them.

Are Jordyn and Brandon back together? Read about it here!

In light of all these break ups, I think it’s safe to say that it’s break up season. The holidays are over, summer is coming, and everyone wants freedom to run wild! That being said, I made you all a list of things that are fun about being single (because I am so good at it):




Everybody is breaking up but we’re fine because we’re in love with ourselves! One of the most valuable things I’ve done in my time being single is learning how to date myself. This sounds super weird, and I know you’re getting images of me talking to myself at a coffee shop over two coffees that are both for me. BUT TRUST ME. It’s such a good feeling when you can go to a movie, shop for cute clothes, or grab your favorite after-school burrito all by yourself. I don’t need a significant other to do the things I love!



This sounds bad, but it’s kind of true. You don’t have to feel guilty if you want to stay home on the weekend and not interact with other humans. You also don’t have to feel guilty if you want to be a little flirty with that cutie that’s been eyeing you every time you get coffee. LIVE GUILT FREE. Be cute, be fun, and enjoy your life without having another person that you have to check in with!



I don’t care what people in relationships tell you, there is a high level of stress that comes with dating. Even if you’re the happiest couple in the world, you still have to worry about that person’s feelings, what they think of you, if they still like you, what to get them for their birthday, oh wow I’m stressed even writing this all out. Valentine’s Day is one day that you can check off as your day to relax, eat chocolate with your friends, and stay up watching RomComs on Netflix. No stress, friends.



Free time is so sweet, isn’t it? Especially as you get a little older, and your life gets even busier, whether it’s with homework, after-school activities, college, or a job, free time becomes that much nicer. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to plan a date or watch what someone else wants to watch on Netflix. Maybe you want to binge watch Jane the Virgin all by yourself! Guess what? You can. Congratulations on all this free time!



This one is dumb but I FEEL IT. No one can tell me dancing to “Single Ladies” is fun if you’re not single. “Miss Independent” is just a little more fun when you’re totally independent. To be honest, even break up songs can be super fun! Use this time to sing your heart out to songs that you won’t be able to enjoy the same way when you date someone. “Ridin’ Solo” will forever be my favorite, and I almost hope I never date someone because I need to be able to feel that song deep in my soul forever. Thanks, Jason Derulo.

Enjoy being single, Rummlers! If these YouTube/social media stars can do it, so can you.

Comment below what your favorite thing about being single is, or what you miss about being single!

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