James Charles And Grayson Dolan Dating: A THEORY

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James and Grayson Dating theory
James Charles and Grayson Dolan dating theories

James Charles and Grayson Dolan are super close and spend a lot of time together. This has caused lots of James and Grayson dating rumors to start and countless numbers of James and Grayson fanfictions. Recently, Grayson Dolan and James Charles went on a roadtrip to Vegas with Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain. It is also rumored that Ethan and Emma are dating, so this could have been a double date trip.

Grayson and James have never confirmed or denied that they are dating. Whenever they are hanging out with Emma and Ethan, Grayson and James always pair up for everything. When they were in Vegas, Grayson Dolan and James Charles paired up and sat together while they ziplined together. James even reached for Grayson’s hand while they were going, which you can see in this video at 14:12

On top of that, James recently talked about his secret boyfriend, and Grayson got super defensive while he talked about him. You can see that in this video at 13:25:
They both got super defensive about it, and clearly there was some jealousy involved. The Grayson and James dating rumors only got stronger after that.

They always do things like this where they hold hands for a little longer than usual, and clearly love being around each other.

There are lots of Grayson Dolan and James Charles shippers out there.

I ship it.

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  1. I am happy to see that Grayson Dolan and James Charles LOVE being around each other! But.. I just wish James or Grayson will tell us the truth some day. I want all the rumors to go away but that is only going to happen if you tell your fans what’s happening. The hate may not stop but at least you would have told us the truth!
    XOXO~Sister Mataap (Mah-top)

  2. James, c’mon… We all know your secret. You just have to confirm it. What so wrong about letting your sisters know? We all know your gay… And you need to stop telling us “no”! Are we realy your sisters then? Sisters tell each other everything… And why will you keep this a secret? You’ll probably get lots of likes and comments on the day you actualy admit to us your dating Greyson. We all have proof, witnesses’ and if you don’t spill the beans soon we, including me will get mad! I mean like, what do you think will happen? We confirm your gay and you loose subscribers? Ya no.. You like who you like gurl! Now please just co firm it so the rumors you hATE will go away A\and you’ll get your regular channel back you had before the rumors! Isn’t that what you want? Or are you gonna keep losing go us? Because there are whole sites dedicated to this! This rumor won’t go down until you tell us the truth! I trust you and I’m DEFINITALY not a hater! But if you want my trust you can’t lie to e, to US! -Sister Sophia

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