Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler have the internet in an uproar over one photo

Hayden is post-breakup and this is the photo that gets out…

Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler

Pull out your magnifying glasses for this one, because Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler have caused quite a bit of chaos with one photo that may or may not be real.

As you almost have to remember because it only happened a few weeks back, the internet’s sweetheart of a thirteen-year-old couple, Annie LeBlanc and Hayden Summerall broke up. It seems to be pretty sad for both parties, everyone was upset, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that everyone was hoping it was just a break. Anyway, RIP to #Hannie and enjoy this video of a funeral that @kateeegarden (Instagram) held for the dead relationship.

Moving on. Like it seems that Hayden has. (TEA) Just yesterday, a photo surfaced that had everyone pulling out magnifying glasses, zooming in, bringing out their photoshop knowledge, etc etc. It appears that, after everyone talking about how Hayden and Kenzie had a thing causing the end of Hannie, Kenzie and Hayden may be just as close as everyone thought.

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That’s the photo that came forward, and A LOT of people think it’s photoshopped. When you look at Kenzie’s chin, it just looks weird. There are people posting all kinds of things to show how fake the photo is.

On the other hand, there are also people posting DMs from what looks like Hayden’s actual account saying that the photos are real, but that doesn’t mean they’re dating.

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The DMs could be photoshopped even more easily than the Kenzie/Hayden photo. But even if the messages were real, Hayden has a point. Can this not be classified as a friendly photo? Would you not take this with one of your besties?

A lot of people have also been spreading photos from Kenzie’s finsta that show there were a lot more photos of them together that make them look a lot … closer … than this one.

Whether it’s real, fake, or whether they’re dating, not dating, they have a crush, I just want to hear what you guys think of this whole situation. At the end of the day, I still ship Kenzie and Johnny Orlando, but no one’s asking me.

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