Does Flamingeos Miss His Ex Girlfriend Loren Gray?

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Loren Gray Flamingeos

It seems like there are always rumors about who might be dating Loren Gray. It’s been almost two years since the Loren Gray Flamingeos break up that everyone was shook over. There were definitely issues in the relationship, and they did not see eye to eye on a lot of things. Loren felt Geo was controlling and using her for followers. Ultimately, she knew she deserved someone who treated her better. Geo felt badly about the way he treated her after the Flamingeos Loren Gray break up. Since then, they have stayed apart and haven’t gotten back together.

Then, Flamingeos liked this picture on Instagram of him and Loren from back when they were dating:

Juwany Roman Loren Gray

This got everyone wondering is the Juwany Roman Loren Gray relationship is back on. Or maybe Flamingeos misses Loren, and is using this to try to become Loren Gray boyfriend again. Flamingeos and Loren have not said anything about it, so it seems like they are not dating again.

However, anything can happen, and maybe spending a few years apart may have been good for Loren and Geo. Maybe they both matured in that time which will help them have a stronger relationship.

Let’s not forget how cute they were when they were together. I definitely ship it if they decide to try again!

I also really like the idea of this even if they don’t get back together!

What do you think?

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