Danielle Cohn And Mikey Tua Celebrate 3 Month Anniversary

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Danielle Cohn Mikey Tua Anniversary

Happy Danielle Cohn Mikey Tua Anniversary!!

Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua have officially been together for three months now. This Danielle Cohn Mikey Tua anniversary was posted all over social media. They are SO cute together, and these pictures prove it:

Danielle also posted this picture talking about how her and Mikey were hanging out a year ago at a party, but little did they know they’d be dating for three months a year later. This was the night Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua met for the first time.

This just shows how close they are, and how well they get along. They’ve been friends for so long, so getting into a relationship was easy for them. It’s also crazy how much can change in one year!

It feels like they have been together much longer than three months, though. Danielle and Mikey have done so much together in those three months. Here are some of my favorite Mikey Tua Danielle Cohn moments from the past three months:

3rd wheeling be like… 😂💛 @swagrman @mikeytua

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Happy birthday 💛💋. 📸: @resolvxd

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Overall, Danielle and Mikey are super cute together, and I hope they enjoyed their three month anniversary.

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