Are Jordyn Jones and Nathan Briggs Dating? Here Are The Clues

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Jordyn and Nathan
Jordyn and Nathan

Fans have been trying to figure out who Jordyn Jones is dating since her and Brandon broke up in June. They claimed it was just too difficult with their busy lifestyles, but fans held on to hope that they would get back together in the future. A few weeks later, Jordyn and Brandon were spotted together again. Everyone was wondering if they got back together, and if Brandon would once again be Jordyn Jones boyfriend. Since then, everyone has been trying to figure out Jordyn Jones dating life.

Recently, Jordyn Jones and Nathan Briggs have been flirty on social media. It all began when Nathan posted a photo to Instagram wearing a hat. Jordyn commented on Nathan’s post, “bruh.”

Nathan picture wearing hat

At first this just seemed like a friendly interaction. Then Jordyn tweeted about how she loves when guys wear hats.

Based on the timing of this Tweet, it is safe to say she may be referring to Nathan. She ends her tweet with the word “bruh” which she also commented on Nathan’s photo.

Then on this picture was posted on Jordyn Jones’ Instagram, where Nathan commented right away.

Nathan comments on Jordyn's Instagram

He seemed upset that he was not the first to comment, but she reassured him that next time he can try again. Fans noticed this interaction right away, and instantly started commenting on this thread of comments about the possibility of Jordyn Jones and Nathan Briggs dating.

Fans ship jordyn and nathan

Then fans started noticing that Nathan was tuning into one of Jordyn’s livestreams. He commented while she was livestreaming “U r hot” which definitely makes it seem like he has a crush on her.

Nathan calls Jordyn hot on livestream

Jordyn and Nathan would be so cute together, and I hope they are dating. He better treat her right, because whoever gets to fill the role of Jordyn Jones boyfriend is a lucky guy.

If Jordyn Jones and Nathan Briggs are dating, he should take notes of these Jordyn Jones boyfriend ideal qualities:

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