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Are HRVY and Loren Gray Dating? Were They Ever?

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Are HRVY and Loren dating

There have been rumors that HRVY and Loren Gray are dating for about a year now. It all started around the time HRVY posted his music video for the song “Personal”. Loren starred in HRVY’s music video, and immediately the HRVY and Loren dating rumors began.

Loren and HRVY shippers are still into the idea of them dating. They would be the cutest couple, and I ship it hard. LARVY still hasn’t been confirmed to this day, but we are all waiting and hoping for it to happen.

They still hang out together and keep the rumors stirring. Just this week they were seen posing together at the Teen Choice Awards, and it made me love the idea of Loren and HRVY dating even more.

They are basically the most beautiful and amazing people, so it would make sense for them to date. Also, they get along so well, and are friendship and relationship goals honestly.

Loren and HRVY

Loren posted this on her Instagram story today before HRVY has to go back to England. They obviously love spending time together whenever they can, but it is tough since Loren lives in America and HRVY lives in England. Maybe if they lived closer together they would confirm the relationship or be able to give it a shot. Or, maybe they are actually together and are just really good at the long distance relationship thing. Either way, I hope HRVY and Loren are happy and are spending HRVY’s last day in America doing something special.

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  1. I love HRVY tbh, HRVY and Loren were never dating anyway. Btw don’t forget to tell Rye Happy birthday! He is 23 today

  2. She visited him many times in England. So of course they were dating but then she came back and was seen with Mark Thomas all the time so I think she ended it with Hrvy to be more with Mark. But now I think she is trying to date an older famous guy so that she becomes even more famous

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