RiceGum asks Kristen Hancher to move in with him!

Kristen dishes about RiceGum on live!

Queen of, Kristen Hancher went on live a couple days ago and spilled some MAJOR tea about RiceGum 👀☕. I’m talking a piping hot cup of tea. According to Kristen, a couple years ago RiceGum asked Kristen to move into the Clout House, which is where RiceGum and his crew live. Kristen was considering it, so they had a meeting about it.

The weirdest part of the whole thing? He said Dru, Kristen’s boyfriend, couldn’t live with her! You all probably know that Kristen and Dru moved together to LA from Canada when they were pretty young. They’ve been living together ever since. So why wouldn’t Dru be allowed to live with Kristen?!

Well, Kristen came to find out just recently the reason why RiceGum didn’t want Dru there. It’s because he may have had some different intentions for Kristen moving in. There were recordings of her live stream that someone posted to Instagram, but the account got taken down.

Basically, RiceGum was ready to get Dru out of the picture so there’s room next to Kristen for him. Can you believe that?! I mean it’s RiceGum, so why not. He’s known to have done some pretty shady things. Poor Kristen, that’s such a horrible situation to be a part of. Now I want to hear Dru’s side of the story. Is he mad? If anyone has any tea of Dru talking about it, let me know. I also want to hear the diss track RiceGum made about Kristen. Send some links!

Come on, Brian. You need to be better. In the end, I sure am glad Kristen didn’t fall for that scheme! That would’ve been a real tragedy if she took the bait.

We love a good, messy tea time! If RiceGum contacted you, would you move into the Clout House? I think there are a lot of things I would do before moving into that house. But that’s just some of my own, personal tea. I want to hear what you think!

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