JoJo Siwa Songs: When Is The Album Coming?

We’re waiting!

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I am going to answer two questions I know you all have: Where can I find a list of JoJo Siwa songs, and when is her album coming? You can find a list right here, and I’ve got a bit of a scoop on the album, so keep reading!

JoJo Siwa definitely stands out in the social media world right now. It’s hard to miss her with her constant sparkles and giant bows. She started her career by being on Dance Moms, rising to fame on, and eventually landing a show with Nickelodeon. She can’t be stopped!

Here is a list of JoJo Siwa songs that you may recognize:

1. Boomerang

2. Kid in a Candy Store

3. I Can Make U Dance

4. Hold the Drama

5. Every Girl’s a Super Girl

JoJo only have five singles out right now, so that’s it as far as JoJo Siwa songs go. So now you may be wondering when she’s going to release an album. Although nothing has officially been announced, JoJo hinted at something big with her music coming this year:

I guess we’ll know it when we see it! Whatever it is, I’m always excited for more JoJo Siwa songs. And I definitely can’t wait for a JoJo Siwa album. Which JoJo Siwa song is your favorite?

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