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James Charles And Marlena Stell Twitter Fight Is HEATED

I would not want to be Marlena rn

James and Marlena
James Charles and Marlena Stell are beefing

James Charles and Marlena Stell got into a HEATED Twitter fight today. If you’re pretty much anyone, you may be asking, who is Marlena Stell? She’s apparently the CEO of Makeup Geek and Marste, and she’s a 38 year old YouTuber. Here’s how it all begain.

James Charles tweeted something kind of strange to Netflix about a documentary he wants to film:

Right after tweeting that, he was obviously still mad.

Sister James never makes us wait too long for answers to why he is pissed.

If you didn’t know his history of calling out Marlena Stell, this definitely feels uncalled for. But if you watch here, James is definitely not a Marlena fan.

James Charles and Marlena Stell are so far from being friends, that James took it personally when she got this Netflix deal instead of him.

And Renee really tried it with James…

Like the hustler that he is, James immediately started looking for ways to make his documentary happen without a big network backing him.

To put a bow on top of the Twitter beef between James and Marlena, he took her comeback and really threw it back at her:

So who is Marlena Stell? After that comeback, no one knows. Can’t wait to see the documentary that James creates. I know it’ll be nothing short of amazing.

Sip some more James Charles tea here!

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