TanaCon Shut Down After Thousands Of Fans Show Up And Cause Major Security Concerns

R.I.P. TanaCon

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TANACON SHUT DOWN – In the weeks leading up to VidCon 2018, there was a lot of hype about TanaCon. Tana Mongeau, popular YouTuber who felt wronged by VidCon, decided to throw her own convention. The lineup was amazing, the fans were excited, and everything ready to go. Or so it seemed.

TanaCon was scheduled to begin Saturday, June 22, 2018. When over 20,000 fans showed up for the convention, Tana and her crew realized they weren’t prepared for that many people. They didn’t have the correct level of security to keep everyone safe, both creators and fans included.

Tons of tweets from Tana followed as she tried her best to update on fans on what was happening. Thousands of people didn’t make it into the venue, things got out of hand, and they ended up having to cancel the whole event in the end.

See Tana’s twitter for her full thread of tweets about TanaCon, but she ended up saying the TanaCon shut down was official:

Creators and fans alike were extremely disappointed in what happened. Shane Dawson had some strong feelings about it himself:

He was offering to refund people himself before Tana assured fans there would be refunds. Tana had friends supporting her through the whole experience:

TanaCon also got Tana some tough love from her friends. James Charles tweeting this after publicly criticizing Tana about the poor planning that led to the TanaCon shut down on Twitter (which he later deleted):

Today is Tana Mongeau’s birthday, and it looks like everyone is showing her lots of love. TanaCon being shut down was no easy situation to deal with. It was upsetting for all parties involved. Here’s to hoping that next year TanaCon can pull through.

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