Shane Dawson Announces His Next Mini Series About Jake Paul

Everyone is SHOOK

Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul
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Shane Dawson went from being on of the OG YouTubers that people remember fondly to one of the most relevant YouTubers this year. He made a mini documentary series about TanaCon earlier this year that rocked our world. He followed up with a Jeffree Star series that I may or may not have watched four times through.

Not too long ago, Shane and Jake Paul were tweeting each other about a potential collab. Everyone’s responses were very mixed. But looks like we’ll all have the chance to judge whether or not this is a good pairing.

Shane just announced his next mini documentary series and the rumors were true: Shane Dawson is collabing with Jake Paul.

Watch The Mind of Jake Paul teaser trailer RN!

When does The Mind of Jake Paul come out? The release date is in the description: September 25, 2018.

I can’t WAIT to watch what Shane uncovers about Jake Paul. Jake is so controversial and SO many people can’t stand him. I have an uneasy feeling that Shane may just humanize this Paul brother and make me like him.

Who’s excited for Shane Dawson’s series, The Mind of Jake Paul?!

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