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New Song From Mackenzie Ziegler “Nothing On Us” Is A Confirmed BOP

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Kenzie Ziegler New Song
via @kenzie / Instagram

Mackenzie Ziegler “Nothing On Us” is out today! Kenzie’s new song is absolutely a confirmed bop. I have it on repeat right now and I REFUSE to listen to anything else for the rest of the weekend. Kenzie keeps coming out with hit after hit!

Have you heard “Nothing On Us” yet? If you answer no, first of all I’m upset, but second of all you need to listen right now. Click play and get ready for the song of the summer.

Isn’t it so good? The song coming out was a bit of a surprise. Kenzie teased it on her Twitter by tweeting this…

Nowadays when people tweet dates, they’re either teasing a song, about to change the name of their app (*cough* MUSICAL.LY *cough*), or releasing a whole video series on YouTube (*cough* SHANE *cough*). Haha!

Everyone is showing Kenzie tons of love on Twitter. Make sure when you listen to it, you keep streaming it all day long so she gets tons of plays right away. Also tweet using #NothingOnUs so we can get it trending!

Put your opinions in the comments so we can talk about her new song. Has Kenzie said anything about releasing an album yet? Because I am ready. Make sure to be nice too because Kenzie is so sweet and only deserve the best!

Stream “Nothing On Us” – Mackenzie Ziegler right now!


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