Kenzie Ziegler Launched Her New Beauty Line: Love, Kenzie

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Love Kenzie Beauty
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Kenzie Ziegler just announced that she’s launching her own beauty line called Love, Kenzie! She put a video on Instagram of some different products they’ll be selling, and it all looks super cute.

She’s telling everyone to follow @lovekenziebeauty on Instagram in case they announce events, pop up shops, giveaways, or anything else exciting!

Nothing is for sale just yet, but the pre-orders have started on the website, which is The products are split into four categories: eye, lip, face, and accessories.

For eye products, Kenzie Ziegler’s makeup line has 3 different eyeshadow palettes, 1 eyeliner, and 6 shades of glitter eyeshadow. For lip, Love, Kenzie is only offering lipgloss, which comes in 5 shades. There are 2 face palettes, one with highlighter and bronzer and the other that also includes blush. The only accessory right now is a makeup bag.

Overall, I’m excited to try Kenzie’s makeup! I think it looks fun, and hopefully it’s good quality too.

When does Love, Kenzie come out officially? September 16th is the launch.

Will you be trying any of the Love, Kenzie beauty products?

Read more about Kenzie here


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