Jayden Bartels Gave Me Chills With Her New ‘Galaxy’ Music Video

It’s out of this universe

Galaxy by Jayden Bartels

This new Jayden Bartels music video is guaranteed to give you chills. If you haven’t heard Jayden’s new song yet, go listen to “Galaxy” RIGHT NOW.

Jayden Bartels released her music video for “New You” in September, which you can watch right here. The video was a ton of fun, but “Galaxy” is a whole different vibe. From her holographic nails to her sparkly space buns, Jayden’s spacey look and stellar dance moves make this video what it is. The song itself is a sweet ballad.

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Jaden Bartels spilled a bit about the song and what it means to her:

The song “Galaxy” is about escaping from a place you don’t fit into and going to a whole other galaxy. You don’t want to leave because there’s someone special who you will miss in this place. However, sometimes you have to try new things. 

Have I raved enough about the “Galaxy” music video? It’s one of my favorite things Jayden has released, so put in your headphones, turn it way up, and watch this.


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