Danielle Cohn was in a car accident late last night

via Jennifer Archambault / SnapChat

Late last night, or super early this morning, Danielle Cohn got into a car accident with her mom. Everyone started to hear about it when Sebastian Topete, Dani’s ex, posted about the accident on his Instagram stories and on his Twitter. Dani’s mom also posted it to her Snapchat.

Then, around 4am Danielle finally tweeted about it.

Not much else has been heard from Dani since. But it seems like she’ll hopefully be okay. Luckily, she didn’t look too messed up in the photos. Her mom also posted in her Snapchat that Dani broke her collar bone and had to have surgery. Poor girl!

It’s so scary when something like this happens. Although it should be showing people that they need to be kind no matter what, there have been an overwhelming amount of hate comments on posts about the accident. Thankfully, there are musers that will always stand up for Dani, like Lauren Godwin and Zoe Laverne.

@laurengodwin / Instagram
@zoexlaverne / Instagram

I’m waiting to see if there are any more updates from Dani or her family and friends. Hoping and praying that she’ll be okay, and that all of the fans and haters can come together and wish nothing but healing for Danielle.


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