Why Loren Gray Was Happy When She Left School

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Loren Gray left school
via Loren Gray / YouTube

Loren Gray has been a star for a long time, which of course means she didn’t go to school past middle school. Once her social media career took off, Loren started doing online school. In this interview, she talks about what it was like leaving.

She probably gets asked a lot if she had a hard time leaving school. In this interview she said she wasn’t sad at all to leave. She never used the word “bullied” but it sounds like she did have a hard time with other kids at school.

With her fame, it sounds like other kids were probably jealous. Loren said they weren’t always the nicest to her at school about what she was doing. I bet they regret being mean to her now!

It’s really sad that Loren Gray couldn’t enjoy school more because people can be so mean. Make sure you’re always nice to others no matter what. But I am happy for her that she is doing so well and she’s so successful.

You can watch the full interview here:

Listen to Loren’s new song here!

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    • everyone is mean to someone at some-point, we’ve all been there…I think it’s cool she’s making a comeback and showing all the brats up.

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