Why Are Musers Are All Posting On Triller Now?

Something ain’t right

Loren Gray Triller
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Ever since the name change and the rise of TikTok, it seems like some of the OG musers have given up on the once lip syncing, now creator platform. I have noticed that a lot of musers started posting on Triller. Not only are they posting on Triller, but they are reposting their branded Triller vids to their Instagram feeds. Why?


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did someone say content

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🐮 having way too much fun w this hahahahaha

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Loren Gray posted on Triller not once but TWICE. Two posts to her regular feed! Not even on her backup account. My instant reaction was that she’s being paid, but it doesn’t say #Ad. Most people know this, but if an influencer is paid for a post, they HAVE to put #Sponsored or #Ad on it.

Does that mean that musers are genuinely just loving Triller all of the sudden?

Lea Elui is known for being the queen of Triller. She was big on too, but she had a huge following on Triller from the beginning.

Even Kristen Hancher is posting on Triller now. She has publicly commented many times about how much she hates TikTok and how she’s over it all. Every post she puts on TikTok, she captions it “Follow me on Triller!”


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Name a better duo💕

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Is Lea Elui recruiting other influencers to join? Is Triller sending crazy gift baskets or something? Something is definitely up and I need answers.

Do you use Triller?


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