How To Use The New TikTok Reaction Feature

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TikTok Reaction Feature
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If you haven’t already heard, TikTok ( has a new reaction feature in the app! A lot of people are asking how to use the TikTok reaction feature, so I figured it out and put this together!

Here is a step by step guide to how to use the TikTok reaction feature:

1. Find a video you want to react to

This is the easiest step. No explanation necessary!

2. Press the “share” icon

The share icon on TikTok is on the bottom right side of the screen. It looks like a little arrow. Press that!

3. Select react

The “react” option should be on the left side of the screen after you hit share. It’ll be right next to “duet” if you know where that is!

4. Position your video

You can click and drag the frame of your video to where you want it on the Tik Tok video you choose. Make sure you put it somewhere that lets you still see the video you’re reacting to!

5. Hit record

Record your reaction on TikTok in time with the video!

6. Upload!

Once you get your perfect reaction, you can finish uploading the video.

NOTE: Not everyone has this feature yet. The reaction feature on TikTok is slowly being updated, so don’t worry if you don’t see it yet. It’s coming!

If you want a better visual, check out the video that TikTok posted on their Twitter.

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