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Everyone wants to know how to get a crown on When you have a crowned profile, you look more official, people are more likely to follow you, and who wouldn’t want to be verified! You’ll see tons of scams running with websites that promise to give you a crown if you “click this link” or “enter your password here.” DON’T FALL FOR THOSE.


There are only a few ways to actually get a crown on, so listen up.

1. Actually be famous


This one may not be achievable for everyone. BUT, if you happen to be famous, you’ll get that crown in no-time.

2. Make quality content


Don’t stick to the same old lip sync videos of 2016. Move on, make something original, and try to stand out from the crowd. Who is more likely to get crowned: someone who makes a lip sync that’s been done by 100,000 other musers, or someone who makes an original video of an incredible makeup look? The answer should be pretty obvious.

3. Participate in trending hashtags


This will help the algorithm and real people discover you. If you go to the discover page and make videos for those hashtags, your videos will be seen by a lot more people. Which leads into the final tip…

4. Collab with other musers


Get involved in the community. When other musers start seeing your amazing video, they’ll want to make cool stuff with you. So many people get crowned on after they start making videos with other well known musers.

Now you know that how to get a crown on isn’t a crystal clear answer like those scammy websites promise. But if you follow these tips, you’re one step closer to being a crowned muser.


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