Baby Ariel and Loren Gray Have The Same Amount Of Fans

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Loren and Ariel
via @lorengray and @babyariel / Instagram

As of right now, Baby Ariel and Loren Gray have the same amount of fans! There are 28.8 million Baby Ariel followers on AND 28.8 million Loren Gray followers on Well, TikTok is we’re being technical. I can’t believe they have the exact same number!

Baby Ariel followers
via @babyariel / TikTok
Loren Gray followers
via @lorengray / TikTok

For the longest time, Baby Ariel dominated She always had millions more followers than everyone else. I think the only account that had more than her was Lisa and Lena. Loren Gray was equally popular, but Baby Ariel just had so many more fans.

Now, Loren Gray followers have surpassed Baby Ariel’s! They may have the same amount of followers on, but Loren Gray has millions more follower than Ariel on Instagram.

Do you follow Baby Ariel or Loren Gray on (TikTok)?

Follow Rummler on Instagram, even though we’ll never compare to Loren or Ariel


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