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Hunter Rowland Breakdown on Instagram Live

Submitted by Jake Horton

Hunter Rowland Instagram Live Breakdown

It has been a super tough week for Hunter Rowland with everything he has been going through. He was just about to go on tour when he had a super emotional Instagram live, which led to the Hunter Rowland breakdown you may have heard about. Hunter Rowland was kicked out of his house, and went to Instagram to share what was going on. As a result, he shared how sad, alone, and empty he felt.

He felt he needed to share what’s been going on to his fans. This must have been going on for a while. This was just the breaking point that led to Hunter Rowland Instagram live streaming his battles. I am glad he was able to talk about his struggles and how he was feeling. Hopefully by live streaming it, he felt a little less alone.

During the live stream, fans showed their support by sending their love. Also, some of his friends commented encouraging things and reminded him that they are here for him.

Right away Hunter Rowland fans were quick to show their support for Hunter.

Since then, Hunter posted a response to everything going on. I am glad he has been able to bring awareness to his struggles in order to get help.

Hunter Rowland Instagram post after Hunter Rowland breakdown

As far as I know, the Hunter Rowland tour hasn’t been cancelled. Because of that, I hope all of us Hunter Rowland fans can show him all the love and support.

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