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The Dolan Twins Are Directing A Music Video For Their Favorite Band

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Dolan Twins music video announcement

There is always something exciting going on in the Dolan Twins lives these days. This week Ethan and Grayson Dolan talked about a big announcement. The huge news was that the Dolan twins are directing a music video. To make it even more exciting, the Dolan twins music video they are directing happens to be for one of their favorite bands, Cub Sport. This makes the project extra special for them, and I am definitely excited for this Dolan Twins Cub Sport collab.

The Dolan twins are obviously super talented, and have been making their own videos for a long time now, which has prepared the to be able to direct an entire music video. The news about the Dolan twins directing a music video was announced during this live:

Since then, Grayson has posted a picture on set of the Dolan twins Cub Sport music video.

They also shared an Instagram picture with Cub Sport on set of the Dolan twins directing the music video.

I hope the Dolan twins direct more things in the future, and we get to see many more Dolan twin music videos soon! Until then, I’m excited to see how the Dolan twins direct this music video with Cub Sport.

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