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Mark Thomas Paparazzi Video Reveals If He Is Dating Loren Gray

Submitted by Jake Horton

Mark Thomas Paparazzi Interview about Mark Thomas and Loren Gray dating rumors

Mark Thomas was spotted by Hollywoodfix walking through the streets of LA. As a result, many people found the Mark Thomas paparazzi video to be problematic for multiple reasons. He asked about Mark Thomas and Loren Gray dating rumors, Mark Thomas music, and more. Check out the video to see it for yourself.

People got upset during the Mark Thomas paparazzi video when the paparazzi referenced the Mark Thomas and Loren Gray dating rumors. When Mark denied that he and Loren are dating, the paparazzi said that Loren was hot. The paparazzi presumably is a middle-aged man, while Loren is a 16 year-old teenager. People found this extremely inappropriate.

People found the idea of the Mark Thomas Hollywoodfix interview itself to be problematic. Some people assumed that he just paid the paparazzi to come follow him for publicity.

Regardless of why it happened, I did learn a few important things from this Hollywoodfix interview. First, Mark Thomas and Loren Gray dating rumors have been denied. I don’t need to ask “Who is Mark Thomas dating” anymore, after he confirmed he is single. Also, Mark has new music and projects coming soon for us to be excited about.

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  1. Poor kid. Specific questions about his music would be much more interesting and appropriate than trying to force relationships on him. He said he wasn’t dating anyone, end of story! He’s what … 17? Let him be a kid for a little longer! Paps never are known for their appropriateness or manners, I guess.

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