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20 Dolan Twins Facts You Should Know If You’re A True Fan

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Dolan Twins
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I am really obsessed with the Dolan Twins, so I want to share _ Dolan Twins facts with you guys! After reading these you’ll know almost as much as I do about my boys Ethan and Grayson! (I’m in Grayson’s lane by the way)

  1. Dolan Twins Birthday: December 16, 1999
  2. Dolan Twins Age: 18 years old
  3. Their parents are Sean and Lisa
  4. The Dolan twins were born in New Jersey
  5. They have an older sister named Cameron
  6. Grayson Dolan’s favorite number is 47
  7. Ethan Dolan’s favorite number is 8
  8. Ethan and Grayson Dolan have asthma
  9. Ethan’s favorite color is red
  10. Grayson’s favorite color is green
  11. Ethan is older than Grayson by 20 minutes
  12. Grayson is taller than Ethan
  13. Ethan loves the summer and hates the cold
  14. Grayson has a birthmark on his chin
  15. Ethan has a birthmark on his cheek
  16. The Dolan twins have pierced ears
  17. Both Dolan twins have tattoos
  18. Grayson is allergic to cats and dogs
  19. Ethan is allergic to carrots, celery, and tomatoes
  20. The Dolan twins are Irish Italian

I hope these Dolan Twins facts make you feel like the true fan that you are! Comment below if you know any other facts that I should’ve sent in!

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