Where Do All The Influencers Get Their Nails Done?

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Influencer Nails
via @modernpampersalon / Instagram

Trying to get those Loren Gray nails? What about some Jordyn Jones inspired nails? Maybe Danielle Cohn is your nail inspo? Either way, they all get their nails done at the same place! Loren Gray, Jordyn Jones, and Danielle Cohn all go to Modern Pamper Salon.

Modern Pamper Salon is in North Hollywood, CA. They do some of the coolest nail sets ever on the coolest people ever! Check out the designs they’ve done for some of my favorite influencers.

Loren Gray nails

Jordyn Jones nails

Danielle Cohn nails

Someone book me an appointment here! It’s my dream now to get my nails done at Modern Pamper Salon. Another cool thing is that if you look at their instagram, you’ll see they do nails for the Jenner’s, Karashian’s, AND Hadid’s.

Which nail art is your total dream?


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