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Top 6 Hottest Tessa Brooks Dancing Videos Of 2018

Submitted by Chloe.Mulls

Tessa Brooks Dancing
via @tessabrooks / Instagram

Want to know what the top 6 hottest Tessa Brooks dancing videos of 2018 have been so far? Check out my personal list starting at #6 and going up to #1. You may need a fan because it’s about to get HOT.

6. Summer Breeze – Chris Brown

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I could watch Tessa Brooks dancing forever! Her moves are so quick and sharp in this dance. Even though this is at #6, it’s still crazy good. Wait until you see #1 though!

5. Wavey – CLiQ (ft. Alika)

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Tessa Brooks and Maddie Ziegler SLAYED this routine together! I’m going to start a petition right now that they do more dances together ASAP. What a dream team right there.

4. Liquor & Misunderstanding – Verse Simmonds

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Wait until the end of this video for that floor work! How does Tessa do it?! My legs would snap in half if I even attempted to recreate this dance. SHOOK.

3. Dinero – Jennifer Lopez

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Tessa’s routine here to JLo is FIRE. The moves are quick and super hot! She is honestly such goals. I’m signing up for a hip hop class right now. If you’re not feeling inspired yet, watch these top 2 videos.

2. Pour It Up – Rihanna

Hmu if you want to be part of my girl gang like in that video. They looks so cool and intimidating. If I saw Tessa Brooks dancing like this anywhere I would never be able to approach her. Way too cool.

And finally, what I think is Tessa Brook’s #1 dance of 2018…

1. Rich Sex – Nicki Minaj

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This dance is INSANE. How Tessa dances in those heels is beyond me. That should be an Olympic sport.

I think those are the top 6 hottest Tessa Brooks dancing videos from her Instagram! I always watch them on repeat, so I hope you enjoy watching Tessa Brooks dancing as much as I do!

Which video of Tessa is your favorite?

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