The Thing That Inspired Loren Gray To Pursue Music

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loren gray inspiration for her songs

Loren Gray has been focusing on her music career since the release of My Story. She has been working on creating new music, and has been teasing that there is more coming soon. Lately, though, she has been doing press for the release of the newest Loren Gray song My Story. She did a Q&A on Twitter, where fans were able to ask her anything. Someone asked what inspired Loren to start focusing on music, and this was her response:

Loren said:

I decided that I wanted to do music the first time that I ever performed in front of people. I’m sure you guys know by now Riptide, the OG song, actually made me want to do music. And you guys reacted really well to it, and I discovered a passion for it that I already had, but I kind of gained more confidence in it. And that’s what made me decide to do music.

I found the video of her singing Riptide live for the first time, and she sounds so good! You can watch it here:

I’m glad this performance happened, and that it inspired her, because I’m so excited for all the Loren Gray music to come. Once she releases more music, she also will be going on tour to perform the music, so that will be awesome.

She has been writing more songs according to this video, so I’m looking forward to what is coming.

Loren also explained that she wants to perform with Eminem, and that she hopes to make a song with him in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens and to hear all the new Loren Gray songs!

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