Loren Gray Started #MyStory Hashtag To Hear Fan’s Stories

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Loren Gray Twitter #MyStory Movement

Loren Gray #MyStory Movement

After the release of Loren Gray “My Story”, Loren has been receiving lots of love and support from her fans. Everyone has been loving the song, and it is the perfect end of summer jam. It is no surprise that the song is amazing considering Loren is SO talented and has amazing music taste. You can listen to Loren Gray “My Story” here:

Since fans have been responding to the song so well, Loren decided to turn things around and listen to her fan’s stories. Obviously everyone has loved the Loren Gray song since they got to hear a bit of Loren’s story, but Loren wanted to hear from her fans.

So Loren went straight to Twitter to announce the new Loren Gray #MyStory movement. Basically, in this movement, Loren wants fans to post videos and tweets sharing their stories about things they have gone through. The Loren Gray fan stories can be seen under the hashtag #MyStory on Twitter, and Loren will be watching them to see her fans. She wants to see the ways people have taken the hard times they have been through, and used them for good. You can see the Loren Gray #MyStory movement announcement here:

Loren shares that sometimes you have to go through hard times and make mistakes in life to be able to move on and create your own story that you are proud of. Everything that happens to you is all part of your bigger story. I love Loren for being so inspirational and leading this movement. Make sure to go to the #MyStory on Twitter to see all the entries so far!

Here Are Some Of My Favorite #MyStory Entries So Far:

I love the inspirational stories everyone has been sharing all because of the Loren Gray song, and I can’t wait to read more as they come out! These Loren Gray fan stories are the best. Comment below your #MyStory entry!

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